Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rules and Regulations of Basketball Tournament

Rules and Regulations

1.      All players must be thirty five (35) years old and below.

2.      To be eligible to participate in this tournament, a player must be a resident of the participating barangay for no less than (6) six months prior to the opening or spouse of eligible resident duly certified by the officer in charge of the barangay.
            3. He must not be a present member of any professional league.

            4. All players are required to submit eligibility form with 2x2 picture.
                        a.   Photo copy of birth certificate
                        b.   Photo copy of marriage contract if married to a resident of the participating                               barangay.
                        c.   Barangay clearance
                        d.  Biodata

            5.  Joining fee of 5000 pesos per  team to be paid on or before December 04 2010.

1.      Participating teams may have maximum of (15) fifteen players            and all players            will be allowed to play in any game.
1.      No Team/Player shall be allowed to play without wearing the proper uniform (identical).

2.      The official number of the players must begin from 1 followed by 2, 3, and up to the last number of players.

1.      Both coaches of the playing team should know the rules and regulations of the game and must see to it that they are in total control of their players and their benches.

2.      Only the coaches of the playing team are allowed to stand and make necessary verifications/complaints during the progress of the game.

1.      A team must be present at the playing court fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled match. In case a team will not show up after a grace period of fifteen (15) minutes, THE TEAM WILL lose THE GAME by forfeiture

2.      Any team who commits two (2) consecutive game defaults will be withdrawn from    the tournament without prior notice.

3.      Any player, coach or manager who commits any of the enumerated acts of violence or UNSPORTSMANLIKE conduct shall be penalized with a technical foul and or a suspension in the game depending upon the gravity of the violation/situation.

4.      Players who are under the influence of liquor or any prohibited substance are not allowed to play.

5.      Only the team captain in the floor can communicate with the game officials including table officials regarding technicalities but not judgment call. However, it should be in a courteous and calm manner.
            6.   A player shall be disqualified / send out of the game if:
                        a.   He commits two (2) technical fouls in a game;
                        b.   He commits two (2) unsportsmanlike fouls in a game;
                        c.   He commits both or combination of the two type of fouls mentioned.
                        d.   The technical committee has the power to disqualify any player that may                                      cause detrimental values to the league.

`           7.   A player/coach disqualified or send out of the game shall be automatically     suspended   on his next game. Repeating this offense shall be automatically disqualified    from further participation in the league. In case it’s the last game, the suspension will be       imposed on the next league. 

            8.  The following are prohibited from the court’s premises:
                        a. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
                        b. PROHIBITED DRUGS
                        c. GUNS or DEADLY WEAPON/S

            9.  Team members found positive either on alcohol or high on drugs will  be                                       automatically banned from the league.

            10. A team who “walked-out” on the game shall lose the game by             forfeiture.

11.  In case of fights, every player involved will be automatically banned from the   league. A fight means: someone who has thrown a punch or kick an opponent or other physical contact that is not related to basketball. The officials and the technical committees still  have the final decision.

            12.  All postponed games will be re-scheduled at the end of the round.

            13.   In the absence of the coach, the team captain will act as the playing coach.

            14.  Player/s caught giving an obscene sign such as dirty finger or heard   saying bad                          words to any official/s, technical committee/s, or to an opponent, that                                    player/s will be given a:
                        a. Technical foul on the first offense;
                        b. Thrown out of the game on the second offense and will be suspended on his                                         next team game.

            15.  ALL PLAYERS  AND COACHES MUST BE PRESENT during the PRE-CLINIC                                           meeting on November 28, 2010. NOTE: FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE.

            16.  PLAYERS AND COACHES WHO DID NOT ATTEND the PRE –CLINIC meeting will                              not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

 17.  All players must bring atleast 2 valid ID’s on during the PRE-CLINIC on November                                                                        28 for committee evaluation purporses.

            18.  Players who did not submit the required documents will not be allowed to play in                          the league.

            19.  ONLY  THE PLAYERS/COACH/ASSISTANT COACH AND THE BARANGAY CAPTAIN are               allowed to be on the bench of the playing  team. NOTE: FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE

            1.  If a game is stopped due to unavoidable circumstances like power failure, bad            weather condition and render the court is not unplayable.
a.      If the match is in progress is stopped in the 1st or 2nd period, the game shall be reset to a new game with another playing date. The score will be back to zero and the time will be reset.  NOTE: PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT AROUND/PRESENT DURING THE MATCH WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY DURING THE RESCHEDULED GAME. 

b.      In the game was stopped in the 3rd, 4th or overtime period, the game will be resumed to another playing date adopting the score and the remaining time of the game when it was stopped. NOTE: PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT AROUND/PRESENT DURING THE MATCH WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY DURING THE RESCHEDULED GAME. 
1.      In case of 2-way tie on team standings, win over-the-other will be applied.
2.      In case of 3-way tie on team standings, quotient system will be applied. Two teams with highest quotient will advance to the next round.
1.      All protest concerning the eligibility of the players shall be done in written and be submitted to the technical committee 24 hours before the opening day of the tournament. NOTE: NO-PROTEST AFTER THE OPENING DAY.
2.      Decision of the committee shall & will be final.
1.      The committee officials’ and referees decision is final.
2.      The 2010 FIBA rules and regulations shall govern this tournament.
1.      Any player who is found out using other’s identity shall be suspended and automatically be blacklisted in any basketball competition as sanctioned by the DPBL2010 , and all the game/s he played by the team he represents shall be declared lost and the team shall be automatically out from the league.

The rest of our tournament’s criterias and rulings are to be clearly stipulated in our tournament’s official ground rules. (to be distributed to all participating teams during the Pre-Clinic meeting.)

“Any rules, which is not covered by this undertaking, shall be announced by the organizer as soon as the need arises.

MARLON A. ILAGAN                                                                                             CHRISTIAN PANUNCIO
      COMMITTEE                                                                                                              COMMITTEE


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